Wins & Fails: New Avengers 58 Review


New Avengers 58

Disregard the cover. The Hood did NOT pwn any Avengers in this issue.

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils: Stuart Immonen
Inks: Wade von Grawbadger
Colors: Dave McCaig
  • Ms. Marvel reminds Norman Osborn that he’s no match for her after a chase that ends abruptly. Great scene.
  • Osborn gets a lesson in teamwork.
  • The scene where Night Nurse puts Karla Sofen in her place is excellent. When Moonstone is frustrated, it always tickles my insides.
  • We see how adament Jessica Jones is about doing the right thing, rather than the easy thing.
  • Bucky Cap throws down with Daken and Ares and puts up a fight, considering.
  • This is what Dark Reign should have featured more of…Dark Avengers vs. New Avengers battles.


  • The cover has (almost) nothing to do with the issue.
  • McCaig colored Moonstone’s entire legs red, which was really awkward looking.
  • Spider-Woman has no dialogue, and may as well have been on a walkabout with Wolverine.
  • The Hood hasn’t been put out of the reader’s misery yet.
  • If you assume we’ve read Dark Avengers 10, Venom should be back at Avengers Tower to re-evaluate his meds and psychological state.

Verdict: B+


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