Wins & Fails: Daredevil 501 Review


Daredevil 501


A fantastic cover that is actually indicative of what happens in the issue. New Avengers 58, take notice.

Story: Andy Diggle
Pencils: Roberto De La Torre
Inks: Roberto De La Torre
Colors: Matt Hollingsworth


  • As sad as it was to see the Diggle/De La Torre duo leave Thunderbolts, I’m pleased to have their blatant talent on display in DD.
  • De La Torre’s new look Hand Ninjas give the reader a nice feel now that Murdock is in charge.
  • Diggle doesn’t waste any time getting the ball rolling on his run as Matt confronts Izo.
  • Diggle nails the character voices and has great command of the dialogue.
  • The pages that De La Torre turned in for this issue are beautiful and really work to give the book a dark feel, while nicely highlighting and putting accents in the right places.


  • I find myself shooting blanks when it comes to criticizing anything in this issue.

Verdict: A


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