Wins & Fails: Punisher 10 Review


Punisher 10


Frank is out to beat down The Hood like he does all thugs.

Story: Rick Remender
Pencils: Tan Eng Huat
Inks: Tan Eng Huat
Colors: Lee Loughridge


  • The Hood’s resurrected rats are sytematically slaughtered straightaway by the brutal Castle.
  • Huat’s art is quite crisp and does well with the story.
  • Remender writes some great dialogue for The Hood. His work on this title is quality.
  • Frank ruthlessly refuses to kill G.W. Bridge to resurrect his and Microchips family, but Microchip does the deed and Frank kills their newly revived family members as quickly as they’re brought back by using a Hood minion to torch them.
  • Frank then proves to Parker Robbins that he cannot be manipulated by him, and makes him pay for his arrogance.


  • Frank looks older when drawn by Huat. I prefer the way that Opena drew Castle.
  • Huat doesn’t capture the nuances of Henry as well as Opena. I loved the random stickers of Fugazi and posters of Black Flag, among other punk rock references that added nuance to the Opena run.
  • Punisher’s current outfit is a bit corny looking. I’d like it to have a more traditional skull on the front.
  • Frank’s arsenal of stolen weaponry seems to have gone missing. Maybe it’s all been blown to smitherines after his truck exploded. I’m sad to see the Ant-Man helmet go. I thought that was quite fun.

Verdict: B-


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