Wins & Fails: Avengers: The Initiative 29 Review


Avengers: The Initiative 29


I dig the cover, but maybe that's because I have a soft spot for Penance.

Story: Christos N. Gage
Pencils: Jorge Molina
Inks: Victor Olazaba
Colors: Edgar Delgado


  • Gage’s story paired with Molina’s art makes this one of the best issues of the Initiative since its inception.
  • Molina’s art is of the highest quality. You almost don’t need dialogue to figure out the story. All of his characters are so emotive and expressive.
  • Gage wrote the best lines that Night Thrasher has ever uttered, and he uttered them to the half-wit know as The Hood.
  • This issue pieces together a number of storylines that have been percolating for many issues, and even spanning different books (Thunderbolts, New Warriors, etc.).
  • The scene between Penance and Trauma was tense great.
  • The Constrictor/Diamondback duo worked well on multiple levels. I’m looking forward to that continuing.
  • The final page makes you yearn for the next issue. The balance between art and dialogue is perfect.


  • Donyell (Night Thrasher: take two) is just as obnoxiously hell-bent on resurrecting his dead brother Dwayne (Night Thrasher: numero uno) as he always has been. He’s as mentally unstable of a character as Osborn or Sentry. That said, it’s no fault of Gage, he wrote him perfectly.
  • I would have liked for Von Blitzschlag to have had more lines. He’s much like Taskmaster…the more lines, the better.
  • Jorge Molina isn’t the penciler for every issue. His are is really fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sandoval’s work, but Molina is something special.

Verdict: A


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