Wins & Fails: Amazing Spider-Man 606 Review


Amazing Spider-Man 606


Black Cat is back! Spidey's already got some ladyfriend issues, does he dig a deeper hole for himself?

Story: Joe Kelly
Pencils: Mike McKone
Inks: Andy Lanning
Colors: Chris Chuckry


  • Let’s face it Joe Kelly is great at writing Spider-Man. I always enjoy his issues immensely. With lines such as “This is why God invented coffee”, “…it’s the verbal diarrhea that keeps me from throwing up at times like this”, and when in grave danger “Holy Schnikes!”, he nails the dialogue every time while providing an ample amount of laughs.
  • The artwork that McKone turned in for this issue is really nice. It’s clean and tells the visual side of the story with ease.
  • I really like how the panels are layed out in this issue with some panels being in the shape of Spidey’s logo. Nice touch.
  • The pacing in this issue is fluent and works hand in hand with the panels, art, and amount of dialogue.
  • Who doesn’t love the Smitten Kitten, c’mon?!


  • I’m never a fan of seeing a two-tone Spider-Man. I like for his attire to be red, blue, and black, rather than red and black. It looks lazy, which is a shame because the rest of the artwork is neat and nice to look at.
  • The nature of the Amazing Spider-Man these days doesn’t allow you to enjoy a certain look to the art since they rotate artists, and that will always be something of a downside to this title.

Verdict: B


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