Wins & Fails: Daredevil 502 Review


Daredevil 502

Story: Andy Diggle
Pencils: Roberto De La Torre
Inks: Roberto De La Torre
Colors: Matt Hollingsworth


With a personal squad of assassins at his command, Matt Murdock holds all the cards. Or does he?


  • Obvious roles aside, the antagonist and protagonist roles have rotated as have the characters’ loyalties, which makes for an interesting plot and sub-plots.
  • Along the same lines, Matt is constantly fighting an inner struggle between good and evil from within. Which is eluded to in the dream sequence in this issue. Diggle does a fine job when it comes to introspectively examining Murdock’s pysche. He’s a guilty Catholic super-hero.
  • This issue flows very well and tells a number of different stories concurrently. Diggle is weaving everything together in his opening act as DD’s new writer quite nicely.
  • De La Torre’s art is impressive again. He does well to convey his characters’ emotions with great facial expressions and body language. I also love what he’s done with The Hand ninjas’ attire.
  • There are overtones of Dark Reign that Diggle has written into the story that really gives the reader the sense that Daredevil is part of the big picture of the Marvel Universe.


  • Maybe I mistook the first frame for something other than what it was intended to portray, but it says “underground clinic”, yet the building is clearly above ground. I’ll assume Diggle means underground, as in not a typical hospital, rather one that is “off the books”.
  • On the third page of Matt’s dream sequence, the close-up of him with the horns protruding from his unmasked head left something to be desired. The horns look pretty cheesy, as if added by the colorist as an afterthought.
  • The scene at the docks where the cop loses his hand could have been drawn better. More detail of the severed limb would have been nice. It just looks generic. His reaction is a bit strange as well.

Verdict: B


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