Wins & Fails: Incredible Hulk 605 Review


Incredible Hulk 605

The return of Tyrannus! Moloids attack! Manhattan crumbles! Can Banner and son save the day?

Story: Greg Pak
Art: Ariel Olivetti
Pencils: Paul Pelletier
Inks: Danny Miki
Colors: Chris Sotomayor


  • This is an excellent way to end the first big storyline of this run of Incredible Hulk.
  • Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’ve really enjoyed this arc. Bruce Banner can’t Hulk-out and is training his son, Skaar, to kill Hulk the next time he gets angry. I love all of the gadgets that Banner has in his infinite knapsack. His smack-talking demeanor is a clever change of pace.
  • This issue is a well constructed story that segues into Fall of the Hulks quite nicely.
  • Pak’s pacing and dialogue is pitch perfect and portrays each character with ease. I really love Greg Pak, and am very satisfied with his work on this book.
  • Pak goes back to his days writing Planet Hulk to tie together how Mole Man came to be the leader of Moloids from the planet Sakaar.
  • Olivetti’s art is lovely, as always. His version of Human Torch is unique, and I like how he draws Mr. Fantastic. I just wish that he’d do every page of every issue. I’m sure it comes down to time constraints that he can’t meet, so maybe having another guest artist helps to keep the book on time. Paul Pelletier does half a dozen pages in this one.
  • I dug the Fantastic Four team-up, if you can call it that. They would have been there to battle Mole Man anyway. Bruce Banner has lost Reed Richards’ trust when Bruce nearly admits that he staged the fight to train Skaar and knew that Tyrannus had stolen the dome technology.
  • I love how it’s nearly a free-for-all between all parties. If they aren’t physically battling, they’re verbally battling. Pak wrote a nifty little four-way chess match to end this story arc.


  • This is bound to be the last Incredible Hulk issue where Bruce Banner can’t Hulk-out. I was hoping it would last for a few story arcs. We now return you to “HULK SMASH!!!”. Bah!
  • Some of Olivetti’s backgrounds are a bit cumbersome and lack ambiance.
  • This book would be in my top 3 favorites if Olivetti did the artwork on every page.
  • I prefer Giuseppe Camuncoli as the secondary artist. If Olivetti moves on, I’d love for Camuncoli to take his place. Camuncoli has some pages in Incredible Hulk 604 if you’re curious to see some of his work.
  • The Savage She-Hulk sub-story is something that I could go without. The art is decent, the writing isn’t bad, but I just don’t see the relevance quite yet. Maybe Lyra’s role in Fall of the Hulks will change my mind.

Verdict: A-


5 Responses to “Wins & Fails: Incredible Hulk 605 Review”

  1. King Hulk Marco said

    Boy! You are a tough audience my friend to please. Though I do find myself agreeing with you on a lot of points. I guess we both know our minds.

  2. Zeno said

    Because you believe this is the last issue in which Banner is not going to become the hulk, I am reposting this reply I had put on Ratchet’s hulk site.

    Don’t be too sure about the “real” hulk coming back next month. In Fall of the hulks the Red Ghost took the Eternal’s hulk robot. I had already read in Marvel’s catalog that we do not learn what Bruce’s full plan is until 607 in Feburary. Looking at the Jaunary previews it said the first part of Parker’s new mini series has this hulk robot. What Doom may be fighting is a robot which Bruce has taken control of.

    Of course this could be wrong.

  3. krakkaboom said

    I hope you’re right. That sounds about right for Doom. I just think that Banner is a great stand alone character right now, and I’m really enjoying the Hulkless Banner.

  4. Zeno said

    KrakkaBoom, I totally agree with you about Bruce. He is great under Pak. I would even go as far to say that Greg Pak has written the best Bruce in the history of the series. I mentioned somewhere else that having another hulk character while having Banner cured is sort of like those issue Al milgrom wrote before Peter David took over.Where Rick was the Hulk. This is the first time Bruce has shown his problem solving or scientific skills since Bill Mantlo was on the title. Not suprising since Mantlo was a major influence on Greg Pak.

  5. Zeno said

    Krakkaboom, now that the new issue came out,what did you think of it?

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