Wins & Fails: Thor 615 Review


Fraction and Ferry kick off their run on Thor with this much anticipated issue.

Thor 615

Story: Matt Fraction
Pencils: Pasqual Ferry
Inks: Pasqual Ferry
Colors: Matt Hollingsworth


  • First and foremost, I’ll make no attempt to hide my love for Fraction’s work. When he was announced as the new writer of Thor, I was thrilled. Paired with Ferry, they become a veritable force.
  • Though Coipel’s Thor will always be my Thor, Pasqual Ferry turned in some beautiful pencils and inks for this issue. Amazing job on the character designs of the invading alien villains.
  • Matt Hollingsworth shows his versatility with his fantastically vibrant colors, as opposed to his work on Daredevil, where his colors are muted and used more as emphasis. It’s nice to see him on this title. He makes Ferry’s work jump off of the page.
  • As for the story, even if you’re not familiar with Thor, there isn’t much you need to know about the Thor pantheon to understand what’s happening. As advertised, this is a great place to jump on. This could be as brilliant and coveted as JMS and Coipel’s run.
  • The fact that Fraction is going for the jugular has me very excited.
  • The scene where Thor explains how he misses Loki makes the reader empathize with Thor as he’s closer to being human by expressing his grief, helping the reader relate to him, even though he’s a God.
  • I loved that Thor tells Balder to man up and be the King. What’s done is done. I think he got the point.
  • If Heimdall is as astonished as we see him in this issue…prepare for one Hel of a bloody battle.
  • The way Volstagg’s chair buckles in the last panel made me laugh. Great characterization and comedy between the scientist and Asgard’s most brilliant scientific mind.
  • With the scope of this story being immense, is Fraction laying the groundwork to bring Odin back? With such a seemingly unstoppable alien force carving a path through the nine worlds, Odin could be the ace in the hole.
  • Could the invaders be Asgardians from a parallel universe? It would certainly make sense, especially since their leader looks a lot like Odin. Dark Asgardians?


  • The most notable fail is the fact that I haven’t blogged for 10 months.
  • What happened to the Asgardian-style font?! To me, it’s integral to a Thor book. Without it, it feels like there’s something missing.
  • The fact that Chris Eliopoulos isn’t lettering this book is a travesty. He did a fantastic job lettering Thor during the JMS/Coipel/Morales/Martin run.
  • The dialogue between Thor and Donald Blake was somewhat jarring, compared to their interactions in JMS’ run. I’m sure this will be expanded upon. Clearly Thor is furious and driven after the fall of Asgard. Blake chose the wrong time to bother Thor.
  • The restaurant scene at the beginning seemed to go on and on. I’ve read this issue at least three times, and it is easier to get through after you’ve read it once.
  • Some of Ferry’s art was abruptly chopped off on a couple of panels. It’s a pet peeve of mine. It doesn’t detract from the issue, but it is a small eyesore.

Verdict: A-


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