Dark Avengers Annual 1

Holy balls! It's Marvel Boy aka Noh-Varr!

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils: Chris Bachalo
Inks: Tim Townsend, Jaime Mendoza, Al Vey
Antonio Fabela & Chris Bachalo


  • We finally learn where Marvel Boy has been since he went AWOL.
  • If you’re a fan of Noh-Varr, the fact that Bendis souped him up in this annual means he has the potential to be a key player in the near future.
  • Bachalo’s art is quite nice. I know there are plenty of Bachalo fans out there, so you’ll be pleased with the art he turned in for this one (with a few exceptions).
  • The character interactions between Annie and Noh-Varr are excellent. This is where Bendis’ strengths lie as a writer. Let’s hope he keeps her as a constant character.
  • The battle between Noh-Varr and Sentry was pretty sweet, and shockingly, Sentry DOESN’T DIE!
  • This does set the stage for Siege much better than Siege: The Cabal does. Buy this and New Avengers Annual 3 instead.


  • Marvel Boy’s new costume is absolutely ridiculous. He looks like Space Ghost. What was wrong with his old outfit? At least his appearance wasn’t ambiguous. His identifiable white hair should have been left exposed.
  • The fact that Bendis is making Noh-Varr a more powerful character means that there should be more Marvel Boy appearances. For readers who didn’t know who he was before are going to have no idea who he is when they see him in his new outfit. They’ll be asking themselves: “who is this character and why should we care?!”.
  • Some of Bachalo’s sans background frames leave something to be desired.
  • Why is Venom, who’s supposed to be gallivanting as Spider-Man, in full freak mode in the streets? Clearly the real Spider-Man can’t manipulate his shape as the Venom symbiote can.
  • The reveal at the very end really underlines the debacle that Marvel has created with a certain mini-series that is near its conclusion. It has to do with a certain Avenger *cough, Cap, cough.

Verdict: B-


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